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The most effective solution for a local, sustainable and clean charge.

The electric station with 200 kW

simultaneous power

Smart Green Charge 200 is our patented electric station, based on an existing building, that offers charge points to several electric cars at the same time. The station provides up to 400kW+ of simultaneous electric charge using:

  • Fast and ultra-fast electric charge points including
    • 2x 50kW DC (CCS, ChADeMO) or 1x 150kW DC (CCS 2)
    • 100kW DC (CCS 2)
    • 2x7kW AC  

An electric station that saves you

time and money

The Smart Green Charge station offers 200kW to let you charge up to 6 electric vehicles at the same time. Not enough ? Our Smart Green Charge range comes in different sizes to increase your charging power.


The Smart Green Charge station is also available with storage backup batteries that use the domestic electric network during off-peak hours. The backup e-stations present a cost-effective solution, especially in areas like in the US where the electric charge during the peak hours can be billed without extra demand charges.

Another possible built of the SmartGreenCharge200™ E-station.

Interested by a real electric station that will deliver the highest electric performance within an existing service station?