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Best technical development

In April 2016, we received the award of the Best technical development in energy harvesting & storage at the TechAwards IDTechEx Europe in Berlin for our Smart Green Charge solution.


Our innovative and disruptive solution for electric stations, and specifically for the simultaneous charge of multiple electric vehicles. The judges were Martin Pauli, ARUP Consulting, and Hirokuni Hachiuma, Ph. D., Director of KELK Ltd. 

For Herve Mathiasin, CEO of the company behind the Smart Green Charge, it was the first global presentation of the disruptive solution and it was a success.


The purpose of the solution is, ultimately, to charge any electric vehicle anywhere, from 4kW AC to 650 kW DC. This first show helped the company to find quality contacts across 6 continents: Europe, the Americas, Africa, Asia, Oceania and Antarctic. 



“With Smart Green Charge, the off-grid charging becomes powerful, practical and green. In the past, it has been of limited value but now there is a real prospect of widespread deployment.”

Dr Peter Harrop, President of IDTechEx describing the importance of our solution.

“The technology brings disruptive innovation in multiple aspects, ranging from societal to political, economic as well as ecological impact.”

Martin Pauli, Senior Architect ARUP Consulting, explains his vote for Smart Green Charge

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