SmartGreenCharge, a different view of the EV charge

Our green ambition: 

Unify fossil fuels & electric charging networks

SmartGreenCharge, it’s primarily a team of expert engineers & business developers with over 15 years of international experience in the turnkey installation from renewable energies.


In March 2017, we started SmartGreenCharge our hardware cleantech start-up in Colmar, France.  As Renewable Energy Service Provider we supply turnkey with global contractors a disruptive solution for massive electric vehicles charging. Whether you are looking to charge bikes, cars, coaches, ferries or a city drones; for cities or highway charging infrastructures, our award winning renewable electric station can deliver !


But more importantly, SmartGreenCharge is a lot more than just an e-station. It makes possible the transition from fossils to renewables, from fuel cars to EVs

Our solution: 

The electric station of the future

Our SmartGreenCharge station offers 200 kW to over 400 kW DC/AC electric output power and is able to charge multiple electric vehicles simultaneously, including:

  • Bikes

  • Cars and other small 4 wheelers

  • Buses 

  • Drones, airplanes 


The SmartGreenCharge electric station uses 2 renewable electricity sources produced and stored on site through a smart grid. This allows our green station to provide simultaneous loads from slow to ultra-fast charging .


Our electric station of the future is also designed to perform in weak or overloaded electrical grids and can deliver smoothly during electrical peaks and on island grids.



SmartGreenCharge E-station transforms a building on a smartgrid station, for new costumers, and taking profits a green energy

What renewables do we use to charge electric cars? 

We use 2 main types of renewables to keep full loading power 24/7 and differ the intermittent consumption and production of energy.


The SmartGreenCharge electric station is based on:

  • Photovoltaic panels over an existing building and a tower
  • Wind turbine
  • Battery storage

Backup is done via the local connection at night time.



Are you looking to add a clean electric station to your highway service? Get in touch and discuss your requirements today!