The disruptive solution from Colmar.


Are you looking to add a clean electric station to your highway service? Get in touch and discuss your requirements today!

Our green ambition: 

Unify fossil fuels & electric charging networks

SmartGreenCharge, it’s primarily a team of expert engineers with over 15 years of international experience in the turnkey installation & integration of renewable energies & microgrids all around the world.


In February 2014, wecreate theSmartGreen Charge electric station in Colmar, a disruptive award-winning solution for massive electric-vehicles charging. Whether you are looking to charge bikes, cars, coaches, ferries or airplanes; for mobile operations or highway charging infrastructures, our electric station can deliver.


But more importantly, Smart Green Charge is a lot more than just an e-station. It’s a one of a kind electric station that unifies the fossil fuel distribution networks with those of electric chargers.



Our solution: 

The electric station of the future

Our SmartGreenCharge station offers 400kW to over 1,000kW AC electric input power and is able to charge up to 24 electric vehicles simultaneously, including:

  • Bikes
  • Cars and other small 4 wheelers including 120kW Superchargers
  • Electric buses until 1,000kW quick-connection
  • Electric ferries until 1,000kW quick-connection
  • Electric airplanes or helicopters
  • Soon for cars: 350kW UltraChargers


The Smart Green Charge electric stationuses 3 renewable electricity sources produced and stored on site through a smart microgrid. This allows our green station to provide simultaneous loads from semi-fast (22 to 50kW) to ultra-fast (350kW, coming soon).


Our electric station of the future is also designed to perform in weak or overloaded electrical grids and can deliver smoothly during electrical peaks and on island grids.


So how does it work for the end user? All electric vehicle users need to do to use the Smart Green Charge station is to book their charging slot in advance either through the app, with a voucher at the service station or via the free WiFi hotspot.



What renewables do we use to charge electric cars? 

We use 3 main types of renewables to keep full loading power 24/7 and differ the intermittent consumption and production of energy.


The Smart Green Charge electric station is based on:

  • Photovoltaic panels
  • Wind turbines

Backup oil generator that uses recycled cooking oils from the service station and the surroundings



Are you looking to add a clean electric station to your highway service? Get in touch and discuss your requirements today!

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